The NCFC staff prides itself in its ability to provide a premium musical education in a fun, casual, and close-knit atmosphere. Our small enrollment allows hands-on involvement from the staff in all facets of student life throughout the week. Each year, students travel from all across the world to participate in the program, making our student body interesting and diverse. Camp is held at Hidden Valley Music Seminars, located approximately 11 miles from downtown Carmel. Students are housed 3 or 4 to a room, in clean and functional dormitory-like rooms each equipped with one full bath. Basic linen service is provided. Three meals are served each day in the dining hall. Aside from an active music schedule, students enjoy numerous recreational activities, including swimming, hiking, volleyball, frisbee, capture-the-flag, and a field trip to the Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk. For further information about the curriculum, faculty bios, student life, admission requirements, or for a referral from a past camper or parent, please email us at, or contact us through this website.

NCFC’s Cell Phone Use Policy

Students who bring cell phones to camp will have two windows of time throughout the day when they are permitted to make or receive calls, text, send emails, etc. The following are the ONLY times when this is permitted:

  1. Recreation time
  2. Social time after recitals

Phones will also be permitted on the field trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Phones must be registered with our staff upon arrival at camp. A staff member will make phones available at the on-set of recreation and social time, but phones MUST be returned to that staff member and checked back in at the end of “Phone Usage Time”. Phones are also to be charged in students’ rooms during this time.

Students who intend to bring a cell phone to camp must sign the Cell Phone Use Agreement along with their parents and return it with their other paperwork.

Any student who abuses the terms of the cell phone policy will lose his or her phone for the remainder of the week.

Long Distance Students

Students traveling alone to NCFC by air can be met at the Monterey Airport by a member of the NCFC staff and escorted to campus on the first day of camp. Likewise, NCFC will provide transportation back to the Monterey airport on the last day, if necessary.