The goal of the Northern California Flute Camp program is to create an environment of highest possible standards for students who are serious about learning to play the flute. All activities are carefully planned and executed with this high standard as an impetus. Students are expected to reciprocate the high level of integrity offered at NCFC by using good judgment and common sense in his or her musical activities and personal relationships. We expect that students will use individual practice sessions as they are intended. Any student unwilling to cooperate with the staff will be reprimanded; severe disregard for the behavior code will result in dismissal from camp and/or refusal of future admission.

Disciplinary Infractions and Consequences

NCFC does not tolerate the following behaviors, each of which will be grounds for immediate dismissal and/or refusal of future admission to NCFC without benefit of a “second chance” or refund of any fees or tuition:

  1. Purchase, possession, transfer, use or evidence of tobacco or alcohol use (all forms) and/or smoking of any substance. This includes electronic cigarettes and vape pens.
  2. Theft, which includes taking things, such as NCFC merchandise sold on campus.
  3. Vandalism
  4. Possession or use of weapons
  5. Physical aggression and/or threats, (including those sent electronically), or “sexting”
  6. Abuse of the Cell Phone Use policy
  7. Use or evidence of use of an open flame
  8. Inappropriate intimacy
  9. Abuse of the Sexual Harrassment policy
  10. Violation of boundary areas including:
    1. Leaving your room at night
    2. Leaving campus without permission
    3. Ignoring boundary guidelines on off-campus trips
  11. Violation of State and/or Federal laws
  12. Other similarly inappropriate behavior as deemed by the administration

Other behavior that will not be tolerated and will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal:

  1. Harassment or bullying
  2. Disobedience/Disrespect including excessive foul language/inappropriate music
  3. Endangering others or oneself
  4. Excessive unexcused absences from rehearsals or classes
  5. Possession/use of inappropriate/forbidden items
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