What to Bring

Clothing and Personal Items

  • Casual summer clothing
  • Warm sweatshirt or jacket
  • Nice outfit for concert (Girls: dress or skirt & blouse; boys: dress shirt & slacks)
  • Undergarments (enough for 10 days)*
  • Personal items (soap, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.
  • Wrist watch with alarm
  • Prescription or over-the-counter medication you are taking (see medical form)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Re-usable water bottle

Music & Accessories

  • Flute
  • Piccolo (if you own one)
  • Any and all music that you would like to work on at camp, with piano parts, including etudes, duets, etc.
  • Extra blankets, pillows, or towels
  • Portable music stand, labeled with your name
  • Metronome and electronic tuner


  • Recording device
  • Recreation equipment
  • iPod or MP3 Player
  • Flashlight
  • Boardwalk pass (see “Spending Money”)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Bug repellent

*No laundry facility is available; basic linen service is provided by HVMS
** We strongly advise that you purchase and bring the following book (sheet music), as it will be referred to throughout the week: 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises by Taffanel/Gaubert, publ: Leduc

What NOT to Bring

  • Laptop, iPad, or any computer
  • Valuables, or lots of cash (see section on "Spending Money")
  • Food
  • Controlled or illegal substances


Meals and Accommodations

NCFC is held at Hidden Valley Music Seminars, a charming facility that has been at its current location for over 50 years. Rustic dormitory-style rooms house 2-4 campers, with a private full bath per room. Bed sheets and bathroom linens are provided, though only one blanket, pillow, and towel per student are provided for the week. Students may want to pack an extra blanket, as nights can become chilly, and bring an extra towel if you feel you will need more than the one that is provided. Three meals are served daily in the central dining room or on the terrace. Traditional fare is presented in variety, featuring fresh, locally grown organic produce. To our vegetarians: As some of our students and staff adhere to a vegetarian diet, HVMS offers as much variety as possible in the way of non-meat options at meals. Breakfasts consist of cold and hot cereal and toast, along with eggs, fruit, breakfast meats, and oatmeal; salad with sandwiches and soup or barbecue are offered for lunch; a hearty entree with at least one hot vegetable and salad and dessert is offered for dinner. When meat is served as the main course, a non-meat substitute is provided, such as a choice of tomato sauce or meat sauce with spaghetti, etc. We will also provide healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Medical Attention and Medication

With written parental permission (please download the medical form from our web site: www.flutecamp.com), the NCFC staff will provide emergency medical attention for students if needed. However, it is unlawful for us to provide any student with any medication, over-the-counter or otherwise, without the written consent of the parent or guardian. Students who feel they may need over-the-counter medication, or who take prescription medication are advised to provide it for themselves and to inform NCFC what you intend to take. It is very important for us to know which, if any, prescription or other medications a student is taking during the week of camp; this should be indicated on the medical form. A copy of the student's insurance card must accompany the medical form, incase a visit to a physician during camp is necessary.

Arrival and Registration

Students will be received for registration on Friday, July 5th , 2021, from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. Proceed directly to our registration desk in Wright Hall upon arrival. After check-in, students will have an opportunity to unpack, get settled, and meet other students. Each student will take a brief placement audition at this time as well (see below). A tour of campus at 5:00, followed by an orientation, will offer students an overview of the week to follow. Dinner is served at 6:00. IMPORTANT: Please estimate driving time, leaving extra time for traffic, so that you arrive within the 2:00-5:00 timeframe for registration and placement auditions.

Please do not arrive prior to 2:00 PM for check-in, as another program will be checking out of Hidden Valley on the morning of July 5th and our staff needs every last minute to prepare for your arrival. Likewise, we ask that parents vacate campus no later than 5:00 PM after drop-off. Thank you for your cooperation.

Long Distance Students

Members of the NCFC staff will be available to meet incoming students at the Monterey airport on July 5th. Our staff members will be identifiable by a hand-held "Northern California Flute Camp" sign or an NCFC t-shirt. If you would like to be met at the Monterey airport and driven to camp, please fill out the long distance itinerary form on our web site and return it with your other paperwork. Please arrange for your arrival into Monterey by 4:00 P.M., if at all possible. We will also escort students traveling alone to their return flights at the Monterey airport after camp on July 13th; likewise, return flights should be booked between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM on July 13th. Students traveling as an unaccompanied minor must notify us of this status so that we can make appropriate arrangements for pick-up and drop-off. All students are required to carry a cell phone so that you may communicate with us in the event of flight delays, and to provide us with your cell number on the itinerary form. Students who submit travel itineraries and are to be met by us will receive a confirmation letter that will provide a direct contact phone number for use in the event of a delay.

Placement Auditions

After registering, each student will be asked to take a brief, informal placement audition including one prepared piece and sight-reading. Returning students will also be required to take placement auditions, as at least one year will have lapsed from the time we have last heard you play. Placement decisions made at auditions are final.

Check-out and Departure

Check-out is Tuesday, July 13th, after the final concert. The concert will start at 11:00 AM, and will last approximately 2 hours. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Due to restrictions due to Covid safety, unfortunately, we will not host the usual final barbecue at the close of the session this year. Students are asked to vacate campus after the concert. Please note: Items left on campus after camp by NCFC students will not be returned. NCFC and Hidden Valley Music Seminars accept no responsibility for items left by students.

Notification of Repertoire PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Each student should complete the on-line Repertoire Information, Parent Permission, Cell Phone Agreement, Code of Conduct Sexual Harassment agreement, and Medical Emergency Form no later than June 1st. It is very important that students take the time to discuss with their private teacher which pieces they will perform in a recital, a master class and in private coaching. (One work for each, please) Please inform us of the movements you intend to play if you will not play the entire piece. This will allow us to program without duplicating any one work in the same recital or master class. If you indicate that you will perform repertoire that we do not have, you will be contacted and asked to provide a copy of the piano accompaniment. Please consider your repertoire carefully:


Cell Phone Use at NCFC

Students will have three windows of time throughout the day during which they are permitted to make or receive calls, text, send emails, etc. With the exception of the Santa Cruz field trip, the following are the only times when cell phone use is permitted:

  1. Daily recreation time
  2. Social time after recitals
  3. Meals

Phones must be registered with our staff upon arrival at camp. A staff member will make phones available at the on-set of recreation and social time. Phones must be returned to that staff member and checked back in at the end of “Phone Usage Time”. Phones are also to be charged in students’ rooms during this time. Students who intend to bring a cell phone to camp must print out and sign the Cell Phone Use Agreement on our website (www.flutecamp.com) and return it with their other paperwork.

Any student who abuses the terms of the cell phone policy will lose his or her phone for the remainder of the week.

Phone Calls & Mail During Camp

Students who do not bring a cell phone to camp will be permitted to use a staff member’s phone to call home if desired. Parents who wish to reach a student through the camp phone should call (408) 784-3355 and leave a message; messages are retrieved and delivered several times daily.

NCFC students may receive mail or packages at the following address:

(Student name)
 c/o Hidden Valley Music Seminars, NCFC
P.O. Box 116
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Parents and acquaintances who would like to send mail are advised to send it early in the week, to assure its arrival by the end of camp. Do not send mail to our San Jose address during camp. Faxes can be sent to 831-659-7442 during the week of camp. E-mails should be sent directly to students, or to flutecamp@hotmail.com. Students will be able to send outgoing mail during camp and to retrieve and send emails during the permitted cell phone use hours.


To insure the safety and uninterrupted concentration of students throughout the week, and in accordance with County health guidelines regarding Covid safety, Northern California Flute Camp operates as a "closed campus". No visitors are permitted on campus during the camp session, with the exception of the final concert, which will be outdoors.

Spending money

Students should be prepared to pay for their lunch and all rides and activities at the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk. If you are local and have a Beach/boardwalk seasonal pass, please pack it.. Additionally, during the week, there will be a $1.00 charge for chocolate bars at the snack bar, and CDs and book sales from our guest artist will be offered. Suggested amount of cash for the week is $ 40.00. Students who bring cash will have the option to register it with a counselor upon arrival. The counselor will hold the cash until it is requested. Camp t-shirts/sweatshirts should be purchased in advance (see order form), and camp photos should be purchased at registration.


Students are expected to attend the full week session of Northern California Flute Camp, including all musical, social and recreational activities, and to reside on the campus of Hidden Valley Music Seminars. No student is permitted off of campus during the week, with the exception of staff-escorted camp activities.  Due to Covid restrictions, there will be no exceptions made to this rule this year.


The goal of the Northern California Flute Camp program is to create an environment of highest possible standards for students who are serious about learning to play the flute. Students are required to read and sign both the NCFC Code of Conduct and the Sexual Harassment policy, and to adhere to them in all matters throughout the week.  All activities are carefully planned and executed with this high standard as an impetus. Students are expected to reciprocate the high level of integrity offered at NCFC by using good judgment and common sense in his or her musical activities and personal relationships. We expect that students will use individual practice sessions as they are intended. Any student unwilling to cooperate with the staff will be reprimanded; severe disregard for the behavior code will result in dismissal from camp and/or refusal of future admission.

Dress Code

To ensure a safe and distraction-free environment at NCFC, the following dress code is enforced:


  • Clothing in which the torso or midriff is exposed is not allowed
  • Spaghetti straps and backless tops and dresses are not appropriate
  • No tank-style underwear shirts are allowed without a shirt on top


  •  Short dresses and shorts less than fingertips in length (with arms lowered to one’s sides) are not allowed. Shorts must have at least a 2” in-seam


  • Heels are not safe or practical for everyday wear around campus, but heels no higher than 2” for performances are appropriate

Also please note

  • Visibility of any part of any sort of underwear (bra straps, boxer shorts, etc.) is not permitted.
  • Long hair should be pulled back into a ponytail, out of the face, for performances.

Curriculum and Daily Activities

Northern California Flute Camp is a carefully balanced program consisting of intensive flute study and recreation opportunities. Each day, students participate in ensemble rehearsals; master classes offered by faculty members; individual practice sessions; nightly recitals; chamber music performances; workshops on various musical topics offered as electives and seminar classes. Students should be prepared to take part in numerous hours of playing and participation in flute-related activity. Students should prepare and bring to camp at least two solo pieces that they feel comfortable performing in a master class or recital, as well as other music in progress that they would like assistance with throughout the week. iPods containing hundreds of recordings of flute works are available for student use.

In addition to the musical activities at NCFC, two hours of every afternoon are devoted entirely to recreation. One could say at NCFC "we work hard and we play hard". Students have the option to swim, play volleyball or soccer, hike the trails of the Santa Lucia foothills, participate in popular morning dance classes, and take advantage of individual recreation time. All recreation activities are supervised by camp staff. Additionally, there are numerous other breaks throughout the day when students can rest, practice, recreate, or visit with friends. Evenings are capped-off with social time.

Lights Out

In order for students to maintain their energy and concentration throughout the week, "lights out" is at 10:30 PM each night. Students who wish to read with a flashlight or talk quietly with roommates after lights out are permitted to do so. We ask that students arrive at camp recognizing the difference between the demands of their normal summer schedule and the NCFC schedule, and that they come prepared to adhere to the lights out policy so that they and their colleagues will have a happy and productive camp experience.

NCFC consists of approximately 45 students. Five full-time professional flutists, each with a rich and varied teaching background, serve on the faculty, along with two professional collaborative pianists. Four college students who are active flutists serve on the support staff.

Guest Artists

NCFC is pleased to welcome Sarah Jackson, Piccoloist of the L.A. Philharmonic, as our Guest Artist for this year.

Contacts and Questions

Any questions or concerns about NCFC should be directed to Karen Van Dyke, phone (408) 784-3355, or by e-mail at Flutecamp@hotmail.com. For a reference from a past camper or their parents, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate party. Feel free to visit our web site at www.flutecamp.com.



Karen Van Dyke

Piano Accompanists

Britton Day
Miles Graber

Assistant Director

Gary Woodward


Trina Chou

Dante Dullas

Ryan Jones



Catherine Boyack (Visiting)

Marley Eder (Visiting)
Karen Van Dyke
Gary Woodward

Student Intern

Eileen Hung