Parental Agreement
By selecting the "Agree" button below, I/we have freely provided the above information. I/we send the above ascribed child, a legal minor, to Hidden Valley Music Seminars from to attend Northern California Flute Camp. I/we agree to have our child participate in the Northern California Flute Camp program in full, and that our child will reside at Hidden Valley Music Seminars during the entire camp session. I/we understand that no refunds are issued for early dismissal or early departure. I/we understand that special circumstances requiring a student to miss any portion of the NCFC session must be approved by the camp Director prior to camp. I/we have read the "General Information" sheet provided and agree to adhere to all of Northern California Flute Camp's policies and regulations. I give my permission for my child to be photographed or videoed for the purpose of publicizing the NCFC program. I fully relinquish my right or interest in any film, tape, or photograph which may be used for any legitimate purpose.
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Cell Phone Agreement
I understand that I am only permitted to use my cell phone during designated cell phone use times during the session of Northern California Flute Camp. I agree to check my phone in with the NCFC staff upon arrival at camp, to only use it during the permitted times and to return my cell phone to a staff member at the end of that time. I agree to charge my phone during designated cell phone use times. I understand that if I abuse this policy I will lose cell phone privileges for the remainder of the week. Enter your mobile phone number below
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