NCFC and Hidden Valley Music Seminars are committed to providing the safest possible experience for all students, faculty and staff, and to the well-being of the community-at-large. Toward this end, we have established the following plan for summer 2021, in accordance with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, as well as those of the Centers for Disease Control, and local health offices of Monterey County. 

The plan for a safe, Covid-free operation for NCFC is threefold: 

  1. Prevention and Monitoring: We will operate strictly as a closed campus and require screening for all persons on campus (see “Health Protocols”) 
  2.  Hygiene and Precautions: Distancing in all rehearsals and activities; outdoor settings for many activities;  diligent and thorough disinfecting of common areas throughout each day; individual food containers with no shared serving areas or utensils.  
  3. Modified Curriculum: Adhere to an adjusted academic curriculum and social activities schedule in order to accommodate above guidelines and operate with constant awareness under these adjustments within these parameters. 

Health Protocols 

  • COVID-19 testing of all students and employees arriving at or returning to campus, including during intake points; COVID-19 testing of anyone who exhibits symptoms; careful contact tracing and isolation 
  • COVID-19 training for all students and employees, emphasizing required behaviors and commitments to personal and community health 
  • Implementing appropriate social distancing for all indoor and outdoor spaces and facilities 
  • Establishing mask protocols for all students and employees 
  • Daily health screening and temperature checks for all students and employees 

Our administration will closely follow COVID-19 positivity rates in all geographic areas in the weeks leading up to the session. It is our hope that a vaccination will be available to the general public by then; the above protocol will be enforced if any persons who participate in NCFC have not yet been vaccinated.  

This policy will be updated continually and altered as needed as the impact of the virus changes in either direction in the United States.